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About Us
The Raj Music Karnataka was Started recently quickly grew all over the state in just few months. Leaving our competitors in awe we are the entertainment channel with a dose of desi and a mix of the urban.
We have a wide range of programs and innovations that are unique and specially designed for the many different age groups and most importantly for the youth. The entire Sandalwood houses here with the most recent movies and hit songs.
We have games shows and outdoor programs with the element of Masala that puts entertain in entertainment.
Coupled with our funny and hot VJs we give you the insider's info of your favorite stars and some of the biggest names and their juiciest stories we are one of the leading youth platform currently.
We also take up social causes to create awareness among our wide youth audience of the state and here to inspire and aspire them to give something back to the country.
With a handful of fashion and lifestyle elements we also bring parties right to your household. All in all we are not just an entertainment channel; we have everything which is why our viewers always say, 'Raj Music-Nanna music, Nanna Life!'
Taking over Karnataka by storm, Raj Music is rapidly growing stronger day by day by capturing attention and hearts and spreading like wildfire. We are one of the top most channels of Karnataka.
We have come far and good in the Kannada market and know what everyone wants and we are giving them the best of entertainment.

Raj Kannada Schedule
17:00 Tweet Book (Live - Smitha)
18:00 Love Zone (Live - Ashok)
19:00 HENMAKLIGOND SALAM (Live - Prakash)
20:00 Gandhinagar News (Rec)
20:30 Sneak Peak (Promos)
20:45 Tara Rum Pum (Back To Back Songs)
21:00 Just Chill Madi (Live - Manasa)
22:00 City Beats (Back To Back)
23:00 Science Of Love (Live - Kiranmayi)
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